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Welcome to Total Office, Inc.

A Pioneer in the Virtual Assistance Industry serving Financial Advisors Nationwide, since 1992

Where you'll find a whole new way to work!

  •       • If you or your staff are overwhelmed and wearing too many hats.
  •       • If you have no extra time to hire, train and maintain a new employee.
  •       • If you're finding it hard to find skilled professionals in the Industry.
     ...Total Office, Inc. may be just the solution you need!

We help you manage your business and serve your clients.

We help relieve your daily workload by completing Client Service, Account Administration
and Marketing tasks needed to give your clients the attention they need and to grow your business
without having to hire, train or maintain employees. All you do is delegate and it's done!

There’s no describing the relief and freedom our clients
experience simply by outsourcing to Total Office.

Imagine—more room on the calendar, a long, uninterrupted evening with your loved ones,
more time to pursue dreams and goals so important to you personally and professionally.

Truly, anything an employee can do, we can do
… But more efficiently.

      • SAVE MONEY. You don't pay us to stand at the water cooler.
Nor do you have to pay for additional office space, taxes, benefits, equipment or
the cost of hiring and training and maintaining an employee.
      • SAVE TIME. No more time spent hiring, training, turnover or employee drama.

We simply conduct your administrative tasks off-site, to wherever you are, whenever you want it,
anywhere in the world.

Ready to get started?

Simply schedule a conference call and you'll be on your way to a whole new way to get things done!
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Here’s the buzz on what people are saying about Total Office, Inc.

"Total Office employs a fine attention to detail in everything it does for me, giving me the confidence that client transactions and other business dealings are being handled with the highest level of professionalism. I can whole-heartedly recommend Total Office's services for their value and the high standards they hold to." ~ David J. Drucker, MBA, CFP

What We Do

Client Services

Critical client communications, scheduling appointments, client meeting prep and more!

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Account Administration

Account paperwork, transfers, RMD's, money movements, follow-up, troubleshooting, fee billing, invoicing and more!

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Setup and Management of
Blogs | Newsletters | Social Media | Content | And More

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